What’s Wrong With the Modern Church?

CraftBrewedJesus_CoverNew book taps the answer:

What if the modern American church has its Christian history wrong? According to ex-evangelical Michael Camp, most American believers fail Christian History 101. Drawing on his own historical research and missionary experience, he discovers most popular Christian views of the Bible, church, sin, salvation, judgment, the kingdom of God, the “end times,” and the afterlife—pretty much all religious sacred cows—don’t align with the beliefs of the original Jesus Movement. Some of them not even close.

Camp’s Craft Brewed Jesus paves a fascinating journey of a group of disillusioned evangelicals and Catholics. When they decide to meet regularly over craft beers to study the historic foundations of their faith, their findings both rock their world and resolve ancient mysteries. They examine well-documented narratives of the early Jesus saga, Eastern streams of a lost Christianity, and the roots of our modern religious assumptions, all while striving to steer clear of either a conservative or liberal bias. What they uncover is a vital, refreshing spiritual paradigm no longer at odds with reality.

Grab your brew of choice and trace this transformational journey based on a true story that will encourage you in your walk of life and faith.

“A truly fascinating account, written by a self-identified former evangelical Christian, of a study group on a profound spiritual quest. Often meeting in local micro-brew pubs in Seattle, the group sought to understand authentic Christian discipleship in light of the latest historical and biblical scholarship. Even those who disagree with some of the conclusions reached will benefit greatly from the wealth of historical information and from the spiritual insights contained herein. Highly recommended.”

THOMAS TALBOTT, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Williamette University, Author, The Inescapable Love of God.

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