Craft Brewed Jesus

How History We Never Knew Taps a Spirituality We Really Need

Publisher: Wipf and Stock

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America needs a new spirituality. Desperately. One rooted in reason, love, and sound, historical evidence, not in religious fundamentalism or pseudos-spiritual wishful thinking.

Craft Brewed Jesus reveals such a path to a lost spiritual vision. It makes the case for people of faith or no faith to rethink our conventional perspectives—whether secular, Judeo-Christian, or other religious traditions, and learn why history matters.

My friends and I, led by Dan, my history-buff fellow pub theologian, form a study group to examine the historical roots of the original Jesus Movement. Slowly we uncover stones that tap a whole new way of thinking and living spiritually, following Jesus, and engaging a spiritually yearning world.

Embark with us on this fascinating journey that examines well-documented history of the first century Jesus saga, the Eastern streams of early Christianity, and the roots of our modern religious assumptions, only to uncover a refreshing spiritual paradigm that will encourage you on your walk of life.

What Others are Saying

“Never has yet a book been written about the life and times of first-century Jerusalem and the world of the Jesus saga that even comes close to the work you have assembled here. I am completely blown away by this information.”
– Ken Dahl, author of Field of Grasshoppers

“The story of a group on a journey to explore Jesus and second Temple Judaism, Craft Brewed Jesus is instructional, poignant and often insightful. It is a beautiful study for anyone who seeks to understand or follow Jesus seriously. It is an exceptionally craft brewed book!”
Michael Hardin, Executive Director of Preaching Peace, co-editor of Compassionate Eschatology and author of The Jesus Driven Life.

“Have we constructed an entire religion around a vengeful God and forgotten that love keeps no record of wrongs? Michael Camp’s book, “Craft Brewed Jesus,” re-builds a framework for seeing God as love, not just in theory, but in actual practice—with historical reasons why it’s not just wishful thinking. Despite its large scope, the book is surprisingly engaging. I read it like a starving person eating at a five-star restaurant. I won’t tell you it’s comfortable, because no such journey ever is. But the wind blew through my hair and I smelled fresh water on the mountain. Just when you start to squirm, Michael raises a glass and shares how far back in Christian history beer and this refreshing paradigm goes.”

Wendy Francisco, Singer, Songwriter, Editor,

“In a conversational style, Camp takes us on a journey through history, exploring the beginnings of faith and development of doctrines which have led to the variety of Christian expressions we see today. Craft-Brewed Jesus invites the reader to wrestle with sorting out living spiritual truth from stagnant theological tradition. And all this while over a pint or two! My kind of book.”
Bryan Berghoef, author of Pub Theology

“A truly fascinating account, written by a self-identified former evangelical Christian, of a study group on a profound spiritual quest. Often meeting in local micro-brew pubs in Seattle, the group sought to understand authentic Christian discipleship in light of the latest historical and biblical scholarship. Even those who disagree with some of the conclusions reached will benefit greatly from the wealth of historical information and from the spiritual insights contained herein. Highly recommended.”
Thomas Talbott, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Williamette University, author, The Inescapable Love of God.

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