About Michael

Author Michael CampIndependent thinker. Creative. Reflective. Family- and community-oriented.

I like to turn over stones and discover what’s underneath. I ask the tough questions when it appears things don’t line up.

I have four incredible grown children and a wonderful wife. I rarely turn down a good, locally-made microbrew (or two). I enjoy being a Rotarian and my involvement in community and international projects.

When I’m not chained to my desk writing, I’m in my day job as a marketing director for a reseller of enterprise business software. Or, I’m hiking, backpacking, fishing, golfing, or mountain biking with my wife, family, and friends. Last but not least, you’d surely find me at one of our area’s Pacific Northwest microbreweries tasting some fine Belgium-style ales.

I’m also an ex-evangelical (in it for 25 years), lived in Africa for seven years as a missionary, and went through a dramatic faith shift only to land in a place where God is much more inclusive and gracious and patient than I ever imagined.

I’m most passionate about empowering marginalized people, pursuing an authentic spirituality, and helping others who struggle with legalistic and spiritually-abusive religious systems.

You can read about my spiritual evolution and my passion for a fresh, historically-grounded faith on my blog and in my books.